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How it works

Create a Reservation
Book a personal / private chef

Users known as "Hosts" go online and log in to ChefStir's booking portal where they choose location, date, and how many will be dining in for the reservation. Hosts can also invite other guests to join in and split the ticket.

Next, the adventure begins by selecting a cuisine from our drop down menu which consists of a variety of worldly options.

Once you have selected your cuisine, you can now customize your meal plan based on your wants and needs, noting any diet restrictions that may apply for you and your guests.

Let The Bidding Begin!
ChefStir will suggest a starting bid

Now that you have created your reservation request the bidding process begins. ChefStir will suggest a starting bid price based on what your order would normally cost in a 4 or 5 star restaurant + tax + tip.

Enjoy the excitement as our local chefs battle it out and try to outbid each other to win your reservation.

Select Your Chef
Pick a chef that is a fit for your needs

Once the bidding expires, the host can view all of the bids and select a chef that suits their reservation based on their preferences.

Enjoy The Experience!
You and your guests will enjoy satisfaction

Now you and your guests can relax and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction as our chef provides a memorable dining experience in your very own setting.

Close the Ticket
Rate Your Experience
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  • rate 2

Once the meal is over, our chef will clean up your kitchen leaving no trace, including taking out the trash. After the chef has left the location, both parties can close the reservation ticket and provide a star rating on the overall experience.

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who benefits and why?

hosts | adventurous eaters | foodies

You can now enjoy the experience of fine dining in the luxury of your own home or setting. As a HOST you can choose between our fixed (4 course) menus or challenge our seasoned chefs by customizing a unique menu for you and your guests. Whether you use our unique ChefStir bidding system or select a ready-to-cook fixed menu option, your reservation cost will include tax & tip and our Split-The-Check feature will allow you the option to split your ticket among your guests. There's nothing quite like sitting around with friends having great conversations over a delicious meal, paired with fine wine or craft beer. Food connects us. It brings families and friends together, and makes us happy.


Chefs can make more money growing their brand independently to a target audience that appreciates passionate cooking.

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